Our Philosophy

CrossFit is not just a sport or a training modality or a means to “burn calories”. CrossFit is a lifestyle. From nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration, mental health, and community, its all inclusive. By using CrossFit’s nine foundational movements it provides us with the skills, physical and mental capacity to overcome any hurdle that’s standing in our way, from jumping over a fence to lifting and moving something heavy, heck, even surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Here at CF Zulu we have every type of athlete there is. From your hardcore balls-to-the-wall athlete to your weekend warrior and even your soccer mom. Our goal is to provide our members with the best hour of their day. Our facility is like their second home and they must never feel like they want to leave. Smiles, laughs, jokes, motivational yells, high fives, fist bumps, and classic banter is what you will find a lot of at CF Zulu. Whatever lead you to join the CF Zulu community may be different, but once you’re here you workout with people with the same goal as you and there is no better way to throw down than this.


Our programming is all-inclusive and completely scalable to suit every individual’s physical capacity and skill set. Our coaches all believe that every individual should walk out of the box feeling like they learned something new and have accomplished something they never thought they would. Yes, CrossFit is known for being an extremely high intensity fitness program, but here at CF Zulu we place a huge emphasis on movement quality, safety and efficiency. To perform a CrossFit movement there is a wrong and a right way, an easy and a hard way. We believe in teaching the fundamentals first and then the sexy stuff. We completely live by the very popular CrossFit belief of “mechanics, consistency, and only then intensity”. We know how to go hard and when to throw weights through the roof, but we also now when to take it slow and controlled. Our coaches are always on the lookout to either scale or progress a movement according to the athlete’s skill and fitness level.

Start Your Journey Today you wont be Joining a Gym,You will be Joining a Family!

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