Michael Van Tonder

CrossFit was introduced to me at a critical time in my life, It changed me into the person I am proud to be today. What makes CrossFit so addictive is that there is always something to get better at! Every day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself, it’s an endless path to greatness. I want to share this life journey and equip my peers with the skills and foundations necessary to live a healthier life.
  • Fav CF movement: Snatch
  • Fav benchmark: Grace
  • Quote/mantra: Never, ever give up – Winston Churchill
  • Fav food: Spaghetti bolognaise & Ice cream
  • Fav Movie: Harry Potter (all of them)

Bobby Machin

CrossFit is a community of people who want to get fit, be healthy but also be in a space where they can be real and belong. I’ve never been healthier, fitter or more energised, thanks to this groundbreaking sport. I started coaching because I naturally like to equip people for the job at hand. I found easy ways along my journey to help people who have never tried it before.
  • Fav CF movement: Pull-up
  • Fav benchmark: Helen
  • Quote/mantra: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
  • Fav food: Fillet
  • Fav Movie: Anything with Mark Wahlburg

Craig Glover


I was introduced to Crossfit in 2014 where I watched athletes compete in a local competition such as the UWS, from then on I was hooked! Crossfit has helped me in so many ways, from moving better, faster and stronger to improving my mental health. One thing that stands out the most for me about Crossfit is how it builds communities and brings people together no matter their background

  • Fav CF movement: Snatch
  • Fav benchmark: Diane
  • Quote/mantra: Go hard or Go home
  • Fav food: Pizza
  • Fav Movie: I am legend

Monique Schmidt

  • Fav CF movement: Toes to Bar
  • Fav benchmark: Karen
  • Quote/mantra: Allow yourself to get uncomfortable. Make the choice to step out of your comfort zone and fight for & struggle for your goals. That’s where the growth and magic happen.
  • Fav food: Sweet potato and ice cream
  • Fav Movie: The little mermaid